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Saturday, 20 October 2012

WTF is a "showcase walking route"?

Bristol's launched a walking strategy.  Be warned, whoever did the design work for the PDF has over colour saturated the piccies so it all looks horribly 1970s.  The walking strategy comprises creating five showcase walking routes.  Obviously I'm not the sort of loser who's actually going to read the document to find out what these are.

At a guess it's a route through the city centre that everyone already walks.  Slap up some signs, paint and other unnecessary street clutter and claim to have done something useful.

Here's my guess for the routes:
  • Gloucester Road / Stokes Croft / bearpit
  • downs / Blackboy Hill / Whiteladies / Queens Road / Park Street / College Green
  • some godawful route through Beddie
  • Pill / avon cycleway / under suspension bridge / docks / city centre
  • some godawful route through Stapleton Road 
 Am I right?  Of course I am.

It's the strange, bizarre world the council lives in where they have to have a team of five people to promote walking, a walking strategy, ludicrous and meaningless walking routes, go out and talk to groups of people about promoting walking and so on.  Hey, I'll bet Councillor Neil Harrison - responsible for the council's walking strategy - drives to work.


  1. What makes me mad is that they cut all the old folks homes and stuff to pay for that crap. Just goes to show that when if you cut the council's money, they don't get rid of the corruption and "non-jobs" and start being good and concentrate on delivering services - they get rid of the services and concentrate on the non-jobs and corrupt bullshit.

    It a bit like how junkies always have money for smack or how the government ALWAYS has money for nuclear weapons - no matter what. The local council will always waste cash on pointless shite. If your the central government, you have to factor in to your calculations that a certain percentage of money will always be deliberately wasted by local councils. No idea what it is though - 20%?

  2. I don't imagine the Council is spending a lot on the walking atrategy, it's more that it won't lead to a single extra step being taken by a real person in the real world.