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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Love of money, etc

I'm down to one pence in my wallet!

I've signed off a fortnight ago so have no money coming in.  Yikes - I'm now down to 1p left, I'm pretty sure it should have been 6p but the Morrison's self-checkout coin counter diddled me out of a 5p.  Humph!

I've got seven squat bracelets ready to sell so I guess I'm going to have to get hawking them down the Bearpit or on Stokes Croft.  They're really cool, chunky-looking bracelets made out of beer can ring pulls.  If I had a camera I'd take some photos and you'd be going "Wow - I must track this guy down and pay him however much he wants, these are unique works of craftsmanship built to last a lifetime!" maybe.

I need enough for a decent display stand, or even a shoddy squat-looking display stand.  Going out collecting ring pulls from recycling boxes is getting me enough to make a couple of bracelets a day so maybe by the weekend I'll be able to bring in a bit of cash.  Otherwise it's no-money misery for me for the foreseeable.


  1. Oh, I wasn't buying cider or tobacco from Morrisions - sigh - but the cheap coffee refills. 47p for 100g of coffee - bargain!

    Pretty good tasting coffee for the price too.

  2. Fucking hell man! That sucks! Work prog hassle catch up with you?

    Just got my own letter from the government - they want me for ATOS or whatever, but first some humiliation down the phone... cunts. Hopefully I'll be able to appeal and shit though.

    Feel free to come round anytime for tea or whatever!


  3. Hey wow - congratulations on making the first comment. Your prize is, er... a pack of two large baking potatos from the Waitrose bin and John Prescott's autobiography from the Free Shop.

    Basically I got fed up with signing on and the whole work programme thing. I can string 'em out indefinitely I just got bored.

    I need very little cash really and having none will at least knock the drinking on the head for a while. Also surely I can make £10 a day one way or another?

  4. Well flip there's no way to edit a comment even if I've made it myself on my own blog. That sucks!

    Whoa - the dreaded ATOS thing. Best of luck with that. And yeah, I'll be tapping you up for stuff if I need it although I'm going to try not to leech, if I need to I can always sign back on again.

  5. No worries, I'll be going skipping with you anyway as I'm prolly gonna have to eat a nice fat cut while I wait for the shit assessment to go to appeal... Making the phone call tomorrow. I wonder what kind of mindfuck that's going to be. I think I'll mess with their heads before they mess with mine...