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Monday, 15 October 2012

Re-squat surprise

Our old squat has been re-taken by some travellers.  Who are steadily finding out how long it takes to fill a large basement with water from a broken pipe.  Oops!

When an owner gets a court order to evict a squat it only applies to the people in the building at the time.  If any of them return the owner can speedily get a Warrant of Restitution and kick them out.

But if entirely different people re-occupy the place the owner needs to go back to the court for a new possession order.  Re-squats this quick are relatively unusual though, usually a place will get left for several months at least.  Oh well, we know some of the people who've moved in and they're nice enough, if not experienced at plumbing.

This account is probably entirely wrong  as it's second and third hand but it seems they've tried to get the water on from a stub pipe in the next door building.  This went wrong and water is now pouring out and into the basement of our old building.  It's a big basement so is taking a few days to fill.  As the basement has the three phase electric entering through it there's the potential for a short-lived but impressively large kettle.  Mugs of steaming tea all round!

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