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Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday gossip roundup

Various titbits of gossip from Bristol's pallid underbelly today.  It turns out W. wasn't dragged out of the free shop and driven away by gangsters.  A shame as it could have solved an otherwise awkward situation re. the stolen bikes that keep turning up.  A friend of W's was driven off by gangsters last night but from a different address, something to do with a ket deal gone hilariously wrong.  C. - who asked to move in with us but seems to have changed his mind and is trying the nightshelter - new on the squat scene had blagged a night in the free shop but ended up in the place that got gangstered.

Scottish W's plan to squat a pub in Beddie has fallen through for reasons that weren't entirely clear.  He's now talking about a big place a bit out of town, not sure if it's residential though.  I'm not holding my breath but who knows, he might come through.

Posh has now built a bender on top of his giant table stuck in the middle of the Emporium.  Plan is to move it to Townley Court in the Forest of Dean over the weekend and live in it.  Third time lucky.  Anyone want to take me up on a bet this won't happen?  I'll stake one of my beer tag bracelets.

Some sort of row in Hydra - I don't know the details - so big A wasn't doing the coffees today.  A shame, I was getting into the Friday afternoon in Hydra concept.  I can't see the point in going in without A. there.  Hydra are always rowing, it's a definite design flaw in the anarchist bookshop concept.  Another is no-one ever goes in there to buy coffee or a book.

Speaking of books Belle de Jour is now back in the free shop and I picked up John Prescott's autobiography in exchange.  And a pair of 30 inch jeans, perhaps a tad optimistic.  32s I can fit into but 30 will probably hurt too much.  Oh well, I can always take 'em back.

Hey - some good news!  Lloyds TSB are going to use County Court bailiffs on us rather than pay for an upgrade and book High Court bailiffs.  This means we should get another week out of this place and probably nearer a fortnight - result!

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  1. Update: the 30 inch jeans fit - fuck me the no money diet is good for my waistline if a tad no-fags no-cider miserable.