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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

H. on BCFM Friday Drivetime

H. from our squat will be interviewed on Tony Gosling's Friday Drivetime radio show on BCFM.  The show is at 5 - 7pm on 12th October on 93.2fm.

H. has the distinction of being the first person ever evicted - as far as we know - for residential squatting under the new anti-squatting legislation.  He wasn't arrested, charged or convicted, just kicked out of a squatted flat on Ashley Road.

Tony interviewed him about squatting, land rights, that kind of thing.  Chances are it'll be a little bit too freeman / hippy nonsense but you never know.

BCFM is on 93.2fm in the Bristol area.  Tony's drivetime show is every Friday, 5pm to 7pm.  H's interview is on 12 October, probably in the first hour of the show.  After broadcast you can download it here:

Tony must like us - or maybe we're the only people still talking to him - because he had J. from here on his show last week. 

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  1. Oh, if you're really keen the show is already online here: