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Monday, 8 October 2012

Four days to find the next squat

"Best Squat Evah!" is in court next Thursday so we're all out looking for the next place. Earlier tonight I checked out some seriously posh places near where we are in Clifton, Bristol. One might be possible - there are boards at the back only screwed in place.

 I went round the nearest empty building to us and the sash windows have got very fresh looking screws stuck into the runners on the inside - clearly whoever is responsible for the security isn't taking any chances with us in the area. Not that they need the screws what with the metal bars on the inside of the windows.

There's no shortage of empty commercial buildings in Bristol but getting in is the hard bit - any obvious damage and the police will be all over us. And then if we take a place too far away hauling all our kit there is a problem.

And I'm totally skint - somehow I've got to earn some cash soon.   I found a kilo pack of peppered sausage in the Waitrose bin today, maybe I'll be able to sell it for a fiver to someone?  I've never tried selling out-of-date skip food, I dunno how that'll work out.

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