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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

In the Kings Arms

No gas, no electric, no running water and a hole in the roof you could drop a caravan through.  Oh - and the last lot of squatters didn't do much tidying up, that's for sure.

Various plans came to naught so we ended up in the Kings Arms.  It looks a lot nicer in the picture there.  It's been squatted twice before, the owners have smashed an enormous hole in the roof to cause the building to fall down, it's been thoroughly stripped for metal by previous squatters, it's a dump.

It be possible to fix it up but it'd be a huge project and once you're done what do you have?  A pub - and empty pubs are ten a penny round Bristol.  Still, the free shop shows what you can do if you try.

Hopefully we'll be out of here in a few days.

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  1. Last night we all sat around a fire in the yard - this was warmer, drier and generally more pleasant than being in the building.

    A tad bothersome for the neighbours though - sorry about the smoke if you're reading this!

    Also no decent food all day yesterday or so far today, I went on a long skip run without finding anything much. And got a flat tyre into the bargain.

    Hopefully tonight we'll crack a better place and get food, cooking and washing sorted out. Otherwise I'm gonna need to find somewhere to have a wash at least.