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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

BHAM meeting Monday, 29 October 2012

Not much to say. 

Held in the Free Shop as R. in the Emporium is still peed off at us. 

Generally BHAM is skint so decided not to waste money on other cities - specifically no more paying people to go to Gremlin Alley in Cardiff or Yorkley Court in the Forest of Dean.  There's generally more interest in and sympathy for the Yorkley Court lot, I guess historically they've got more connections to Bristol.  And we might get a free summer holiday out of 'em next year.

Not much paranoia about our crew getting followed from Clifton to Kings Arms to Broadmead by undercover plod.  A bit of a desire on the part of BHAM to do media and complaints to the police about our case but BJ backed away after some hard stares.

All a bit depressing as Coop Road in Easton has closed - they've all dispersed - and another long term residential is threatened leaving not many active squats and squatters.  I'm sure that'll change in time, partly it's heading towards winter and people are getting their heads down.

TG's organising a car trip to Yorkley Court next weekend, the discussion of who might go with him went on way too long.  Some personality stuff I know nothing and care even less about going on I think.

No tea until the end, and then it was in a tiny plastic cup.  Sigh.

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