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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bristol's crap anarchists attacked our squat!

Not when we were in - but back a couple of years ago when it was being used as a Lloyds TSB private bank.

For the last few years Bristol's suffered from a small number of anarcho wannabe crap terrorists.  Mostly they torch mobile phone masts, burn a car, arson railway signals (notice a theme here?) and similar crap and then post long, wordy statements on Bristol Indymedia for everyone to laugh at.

Setting fire to things is bad and wrong, kids!

A couple of years ago they attracted complete ridicule when they set fire to a couple of bins outside a Lloyds bank depot and then posted up a ten page essay expressing solidarity with the oppressed peoples of the world, etc, etc.  But in the same statement this passed almost unnoticed:

"on the night of wednesday the 17th of march 2010, the lloyds private banking office at 131 pembroke road, clifton, bristol was attacked.  A plaque with 'lloyds private banking' was removed from a wall and taken away.  Walls of the building were sprayed with: 'in the shadow of a dark horse lies a capitalist bailiff ', and 'bankers up against the wall'.  Pipes and cables to cooling fans etc to the building were cut.  Ttwo windows were smashed."
 Original Bristol Indymedia article

Hey, wow - our squat has a little place in Bristol anarcho-wank history!

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