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Thursday, 25 October 2012

What did people do before electricity?

Gather round a smoky fire not saying much, probably.  At least that's what we've been doing for the last couple of nights.

Well, yeah, we could tell each other ghost stories or play guitar or something but mostly it's been sitting around staring vaguely into the smoke, flame and sparks waiting for a saucepan of water to heat up enough for a cup of coffee.

Although I have got a couple of stories ready should the moment arise - how the two giants Vincent and Goram founded Bristol, the bear and the squirel, that kinda thing - it's just not that sort of crowd.  Need to be surrounded by trees or something.

I could settle into the routine of homeless bum living in a derelict building though.  Sit round a fire with mates all night huddling to the heat and smoke eating, drinking and smoking whatever we've got between us.  Crash out in your clothes wrapped in blankets and maybe a sleeping bag in the driest, most sheltered place to hand.  Get up and spend the day mooching between the Wild Goose, the Methodist Centre, the Free Shop and the Soup Run.  Repeat daily, with occasional washes.

Everything runs very slowly because you're dependent on other people.  It took me 'till 2pm today to have some food, a shower and a shave.  Yesterday to fix a puncture - normally a five minute job - took hours as I had to go to a mates house, get the tools together, drink his coffee, eat his food, etc.  I did get a bit grumpy and passive-aggressively failed to remove a bike tyre which I feel a bit guilty about.  Only a little bit, obviously - it's not like I'm going to apologise or anything.

Hmmmm anyway I made it almost through the whole day yesterday with no fags so I was in a pretty bad mood by the end although I didn't actually mean it when I suggested we all took advantage of the cover of fireworks night to go out on the streets and randomly shoot people.

Does anyone know anything about Tax Credits, by the way?

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