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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Eat burgers to save the Emporium

I bow to no-one for my love of lentils but the current proposal to convert the Emporium into an organic, vegan, GM-free food collective is sticking in my craw somewhat.

The Emporium is a squatted community space on Stokes Croft.  It's kept going by the work of one person, R, who has done a great job of keeping it together and used.

R. now wants to turn the Emporium into an organic, vegan food collective.  The plan includes getting it regularised, licenced and so on.  Basically it'll turn into a retail outlet for Essentials food co-op who R has worked for previously.

Personally I think the Emporium is more use to the community - and I'm thinking of the rough-and-ready cider drinking squatter community - as it is than as a clean and tidy business selling organic polenta to up-themselves office workers.

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