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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Squat Crack Fail

Oh poo.  We tried everything to get into a building last night but had to retreat defeated.  We're getting evicted from our luxury squat at midday tomorrow and at the time of writing have nowhere to go.

We set off at 3am for a bike ride up and down Bristol's finest hills over to the other side of St Werburghs to crack a modern office that looked fairly easy if a bit overlooked by neighbours.  But for all the roof climbing, window heaving and so on we got nowhere.  What we thought would be an easy way in was just into a garage with no route through into the rest of the building.

We retreated beaten at about half six, getting back to our current building as a gray dawn broke.  After a bit of sleep we're now considering options:
  • crash in the free shop
  • crash in a derelict building (the 'garage')  in Old Market
  • camp in the woods
  • try and crack another squat tonight
  • take an empty pub somewhere out towards South Gloucestershire
Of course, we've got to shift all our tat around as well.  The garage is currently the most likely but rumour is it might be flooded out.

Ok, so next mission is a trip over to south Bristol to look at an empty office there and check the garage on the way over.  Shit this is going to be a long day.


  1. Pants - the south Bristol office turned out to be the empty on Bath Road, just round the Arnos Vale bend heading out of town, that's been derelict as far back as anyone can remember.

    Checked around town on the way back without finding any immediate possibilities. Though we did find a sunken route into an old warehouse down by the docks that will make an entertaining addition to the BHAM day out in the city centre looking for cellars to live in. This one involves crossing a small underground quay.

    We also found an open air water standpipe in the city centre which I hadn't noticed before. That'll be handy if we end up desperate and living in tents.

    Later tonight I've gotta move some of my tat - don't know where yet - and try and get into a couple more places.

  2. Not much further forward.

    Two possibles, neither look great but they're do-able. One pub so far out of town the locals asked how our vehicle moved without horses pulling it. The other place is nice and central but neither water nor electric and a massive hole in the roof.

    Meanwhile when most of us were out shifting tat around and rattling the windows of empty looking buildings the police came round, hopped over a neighbours wall and walked straight into our squat. P. was somewhat surprised, sitting in his room reading a book, when two coppers opened his door without knocking and walked in.

    Our bad for leaving a door unlocked but still, the police were being cheeky just walking in. P. managed to talk them out of the building and they went on their way.

  3. Hey dude - potentially some REALLY good news on the money front: Apparently you can get something called Basic Element Tax Credit which is worth £36 a week - even if you work less than 16 hours a week and are self employed!

    It sounds almost too good to be true, I know - Fancy giving it a go?


  4. £36 a week? Not bad at all - I can live on that.

    Yeah, very interested. Will catch up later - less than 20 minutes 'till bailiffs are due so kinda busy right now!