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Friday, 26 October 2012

Be quiet in Bristol today

I didn't get a minute of sleep last night so am distinctly GRUMPY so just SHUT UP, ok?
I knew I should have cleaned out one of the usable upper rooms in the derelict pub we're camped out in but no, I tried to make it work in the big room downstairs with the rest of the crew and last night it was all too much.

I probably wouldn't have slept anyway - I'm occasionally a complete insomniac - and normally in a room of my own with a radio, internet, tea and coffee, books and so on it doesn't bother me much.  But with nothing to do except lie there fuming and thinking of wreaking terrible revenge on the snoring, crisp-eating, smart phone-tap-tap-tapping ANNOYING OTHER PEOPLE it was blinking awful and I'm now totally knackered and could snap at ANY PROVOCATION.  Today would be a very bad day to eat an apple in the Central Library's computer room.

Mutter mutter mumble grumble.  Hey - entirely coincidentally I noticed the memorabilia shop at the bottom of Park Row has a decomissioned AK47 for sale, customised for urban combat with a short barrel and folding wire stock.  Could be handy come the great collapse into barbarianism and chaos - or a mass outbreak of snoring.

By about six in the morning I was so wired I went for a walk and climbed the bell tower of a nearby derelict church.  It was cool to stand at the top and watch the dawn break over Bristol with a cold wind blowing in my face - a feeling I've always liked.  The moment didn't last though and as soon as I was back at ground level I was FUMING again.

Fortunately we'll be moving into a new place tonight otherwise tomorrow's zombie walk might be a tad spoiled - or perhaps improved - by an early morning slaughter of snoring squatters cruely struck down in their sleep by one of their number driven mad by a distinct lack of drink, drugs, fags, coffee and Radio 5 Live.

The new place has an intact roof and running water - WIN! - and at least one flushing loo - DOUBLE WIN!!  Pretty sure we'll be able to get the electricity on too.  And it has several rooms.  It might be a tad controversial - as far as anyone can remember we're going where no Bristol squatters have been before.  More about that in the next few days, I can't give the location until we're in and it's all been sorted with the various authorities.

The Kings Arms has a kind of cool about it but goodness, it's time we were all out of there.  I've got an eye on it for a squat garden but it ain't ok to live in for more than a few days.

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