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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

No Housing Benefit for people under 25?

The Tories have said they are looking at cutting HB for people under 25 almost entirely.  This is a terrible idea.
Old people get pension increases, welfare payments no matter how rich they are and have benefited from a lifetime of full employment, free university education, house price rises, council housing and the NHS.

Young people get tuition fees, no or insecure jobs, expensive private renting and cuts in support services.  Now everyone under 25 claiming HB faces losing their home.

The uk spends about £113 billion annually on all welfare benefits and about £127 billion on pensions.  Bear in mind pensioners receive a fair chunk of the welfare benefit bill and cost a disproportionate amount to the NHS.

Who should we be spending money on - the passing generation or the new one?  I think we've got it the wrong way around.

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