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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Gost Log at the Arnolfini mostly crap

The current main exhibition at the Arnolfini - Gost Log by Matti Braun - is mostly crap.  The handout is TL:DR.  The only good bit is a cut up tree in a room full of water.

Studio 1 on the ground floor is full of dull paintings or prints or something.  Totally meaningless and uninspiring.  You'll get more out of going outside on a grey, rainy day and looking at puddles.

Studio 2 on the first floor contains the only bit worth seeing, a room flooded with water a few inches deep with wooden stepping stones across it.  There's about a minute's worth of entertainment in crossing the room without getting your feet wet.

Oh, and there are some nice African tapestries if they're your bag.

Studio 5 has some stuff in so boring I can't even remember anything about it.

Overall there's an interesting theme of the relationship between left-wing French intellectuals and African artists from the 1930s onwards.  Shame the artwork is mostly junk.

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