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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Too much tat

I'm trying to get my stuff down to - roughly - a backpack's worth.  It's difficult though - what to get rid of?
Prehistoric Britons threw their most treasured possessions into lakes and bogs.  It seems bizarre to us: painstakingly collected, finely worked gold and jewelry that could have lasted forever chucked into the mire.  It made sense to the ancient Britons though, the stuff came from the ground and had to be returned to the ground to complete the cycle, just like people are born, live and die.

When a new squat is cracked we all run around painstaking collect the stuff we need.  Blankets, water drums, ropes, boards, pallets, tools, plastic sheets, cookers, gas bottles, anything and everything.  Then when we get evicted we try and take it with us - hey, it might be useful sometime, it's a shame to lose it, etc.

But I can't keep lugging the stuff around everywhere.  I guess lots has to go and try and keep it down to things I use pretty much every week.  Hard to imagine though - what about bike tools I rarely use but need at times?

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