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Thursday, 11 October 2012

annoyances #1 - students

Squatters are cool as fuck.  We can't help it, we just are.  Yeah - and anyone who wants to say different can say it into the iridium flame lenses of my Oakleys.

This attracts people who want a slice of the cool pie but don't want to do the crawling around on roofs at 4am in the morning through a puddle of your own piddle thing.  You only  have to squat for a short while and you'll notice students doing projects turning up.  Usually doing either media studies or anthropology.

They want to film you, ask questions and generally hang around the living room cluttering the place up when all you want to do is scratch through the ashtrays sniffng the butts hoping for a spliff-end.

They don't have any money.  The media ones have no reach.  The anthropologists are no use at all.  Remember kids, they're not doing it for you - it's their project.

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