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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wow - check out the Cube gallery on Park Row

Ok it's not on Park Row it's on Perry Road but anyway toddle up that way next time you're in town and check out the paintings on display they're awesome.

The Cube seem to specialise in slightly autistic repetitive artists with an incredible grasp of colour and light - or at least that's what's in their place at the moment.

If nothing else you've gotta walk past and look at the pink tree in the window - 'Pink Blossom' by Jack Frame - it's stunning how it catches the light from outside and throws it into a shimmering three dimensional thing going on there.  Really beautiful.  The picture here (second one of the series) doesn't do it justice at all.

The stuff on display by Peter Monaghan is also worth seeing - I dunno the right words but they're a cross between painting and sculpture.  Repetitive squares and circles in grids with colours on pointing in different directions to catch the light.  Sounds naff but it's done with such a light touch and perfect sense of colour Monaghan really pulls it off well.

Oh and there's also some second-rate Rothko knock-offs in the gallery if you like dull stuff.

It's a selling gallery and which can be a bit intimidating to just walk in to but the staff are friendly and open and were genuinely kind to me and took the time to tell me about the paintings and artists.  I mean, I did try and scrub up a bit but I am sleeping rough at the moment and really don't look like I've got £5,000 spare to spend on art.  If I did I'd be snapping up Jack Frame's work, that's for sure.

Looking at their website I really like Rachel Nee's and Vera Boele Keimer's work too so I think the Cube is probably worth keeping an eye on.

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