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Friday, 12 October 2012

Last chance to catch Ded Posh at the Emporium

Ded Posh's graffiti show finishes at the Emporium today, 2pm to 7pm.

It's mostly rubbish but the sitex found-metal picture of Keir Hardy and the giant 'table' filling the middle of the room are well worth seeing.

We were going to burn the top of the table - it looks like a giant Star of David - at a leaving party for Braggs Lane but the party never happened so the table survived.

Posh is moving from straightforward quality graffiti to metal work and this show represents his early work.  As I lived upstairs from him wielding the angle-grinder at all hours of the day and night I'm somewhat jaundicd about the whole concept but I've gotta admit he's getting somewhere.  Definitely laying down a challenge to the tired Stokes Croft graf scene.

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