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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Stuff left behind by the tide on the River Avon

A fire-extinguisher (still charged), several odd trainers, three yellow plastic ducks, two toy boats, one real boat, trees, several soft toys, and a full can of beer.

Darn it - I need two empty heating gas cylinders to make into a woodburner.  That's my next project.  For the last year I've been tripping over the blinking things at every turn.  Every skip's had one or two, I could barely wave a crowbar at a locked door without a cascade of the things tumbling out and they just stand abandoned on every street corner.

But now I want a couple they're nowhere to be seen.  Have they all migrated somewhere for the winter or something?  Anyway I've seen them before washed up along the Avon so went for a trundle to see if I could find some.

The nearest I got was a full-size red fire extinguisher, surprisingly still charged with CO2 so I accidentally let it off and sprayed filthy water at the muddy banks of the Avon.  Fun and larks aplenty if you hang around with me I tell ya.  I pondered trying to make a burner from the metal fire extinguisher cylinder but really I don't think it's big enough.  You'd have to cut all the wood up really, really small.

The trainers I tied together and draped over a washed up tree alongside some others someone had done previously.  The three seperate yellow plastic ducks I found I threw back into the river to continue their journey.  Well, what else was I supposed to do?

The two toy boats I pretty much ignored.  I dunno why, one was a large plastic over-done pirate ship of some sort and the other a knocked together thing out of planks.

The real boat was almost - but not quite - salvageable.  A large dinghy, it'd have taken a lot of effort to haul up the bank and secure.  The rear panels were just a bit too broken to imagine repairing and also there was a big crack in the panels on the side.  Maybe I'll go back and have another look at it, it's basically sound just a bit battered I think.

And yay - a full can of Stella!  I'll attempt to drink it tonight and report back.

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