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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Sleep pattern confusion

For the last few days I've been sleeping pretty much all day and wide-awake at night.  Annoying but kind of useful for poking around places at night looking for stuff.

I got some odd careers advice from a policeman - apparently there's a lot of money to be made stealing diesel.  Not really my cuppa.  He'd stopped me at about two in the morning pedalling along with a 25l plastic water container I'd found.

I've also found a fair few useful bits of rope, bits of tarp, a guitar pick and - finally - a whole load of gas cylinders to make wood burners out of.  Looks like the bender project could be a goer - and as I've been discovered sleeping in my church tower I'll need to get something going otherwise it's back to the Free Shop!

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  1. Alcohol - it's great! A friend got me tipsy last night so I finally got a nights sleep and woke up this morning. Hopefully I'll settle into a more normal day / night pattern for a bit.

    It's kinda fun being awake all night but not so cool without electric to power a radio even.