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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Looking for empty properties

Out on a walk round Easton looking for empties to squat earlier today.  The change in law has had a big impact, good potential commercial squats are harder to find and harder to get into.

I think squatting is going to change a lot over the coming year or so.  More temporary, more off-grid.  Possibly the shanty towns that were developing in the early 1990s will return.  Definitely more  people living in caravans and vans beside the road.

We looked at lots of places without really coming across anything obvious.  A huge empty warehouse that'd be hard to get into.  A slightly derelict looking retail place rumoured to be controlled by gangsters.  Lots of empty residential places but the risk is the police would just sling us out.

We did see one intriguing terrace house.  Boarded ground floor, looked like it'd been empty a long time.  Approaching derelict but not quite, still could be liveable.  Definitely a residential building and so illegal to squat but on the other hand maybe no-one would notice.  We're pondering it.

Personally I'm trying to get a wood burner together and then I can at least put up a bender somewhere and try that for a while.  I've found a solid metal drainpipe that'd make a great chimney so now I just need an empty calor gas cylinder but I still haven't come across one and I swear I've looked everywhere for a week or more.  Humpf - I'm sure one will turn up soon.

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