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Friday, 16 November 2012

Israel Palestine protest today - very secret and short notice!

Ho hmmm yet again the left in Bristol call a demo and don't let anyone know - and guess where it's going to be?

Opposite the Hippodrome, of course!  To be fair this one did get posted up on Indymedia so they're trying to let people know at least.

I'm guessing 10 - 15 people will turn up.  A. is putting his interweb Bristol pounds on 20 - 25.

Oh - I forgot to mention it's at 5pm.


  1. A bigger turnout than either me or A. expected - over a hundred people I reckon. The road in front of the Hippodrome echoed with sheep-like chants of "Free, free Palestine!" and "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free".

    All good fun and whatnot but I wonder why there's a much bigger turnout for Palestine - a pretty small place on the map a long way away - than for an anti-austerity demo the day before?

  2. Because they're a bunch of designer revolutionaries who don't give a toss about themselves or their friends. As I say, I got no time for these clowns and won't be going to any demos in the foreseeable as they're all gonna be choked with these assholes. That said the sheep-like compliance of the general public (myself included) also annoys me considerably.

    I honestly don't know what's more contemptible - a drama queen who latches on to some Cause as long as it's (a) as far away as possible and (b) unlikely to benefit them or anyone they know, or a mindless consumer zombie who just does what they're told like the robot they are.

    Face it, we're all compliant. Global warming cannot come soon enough for me...

  3. Cheerful as ever.

    Personally I have more time for local campaigning but I wouldn't denigrate people for what they do do.

  4. Its the old stop the war vigil site, opp. Hipodrome. Shows same people run everything, at least when it comes to BADACA. They've changed now though to College Green, the second one on June 1, we are in 2013 now. They stand there far away from the people they are supposed to be supporting, probably because the Occupy camp was there, and throw their lot in with Labour. This is in spite of people like Frank Field and Graham Allen, both from New Labour, getting together with old eugenics features Iain Duncan Smith, to clobber the working class.

    Palestine's different those gatherings are spontaneous and people walk if there's enough people.
    It is a 'just cause', could do with some anti-capitalist analysis or something specially as Gaza is nearly completely sold off by the Israelis to foreign investors. Obviously the idea behind removing their troops from the strip a few years ago.