good for bristol

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Secret anti-austerity demo in Bristol 5pm today opposite the Hippodrome

I just found out about this.  It's not technically a secret but Bristol and District Anti-Cuts Alliance (or BADACA to their friends) haven't publicised it so no-one will turn up.

November 14th is a European-wide general strike, apparently.  Workers in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta will be downing tools, staying in bed and generally striking.

Here in Bristol a half-dozen lefties will meet up by the Statue of Neptune with a couple of desultory placards.  Oh - and I'll be there as well to jazz it all up a bit.

If you organise a flipping demo you have to flipping tell people about it.  There's been no publicity for this at all - just a post on their rubbish website.


  1. Oh - that's what you were doing! I thought it was a soup run or some artwank or something.

    Bristol lefties have a real problem. They don't publicise demonstrations because they don't want The Man to find out and kick their asses. What they don't realise is that without the public being involved, nobody will care if their asses are kicked. Personally I hope they all get shipped to Gitmo. Bunch of cowardly ameteurs who lack the courage to do anything but set fire to bins, talk shit on the internet and spread ridiculous consipiracy theories.

    It makes me really angry - While the opposition consist of such fools the government gets an easy ride.

  2. Rubbish - I don't believe for a second you went past and noticed anything. For a start if you'd thought there was any chance of free food or wanking artists you'd have dived straight in.

    A much larger turn-out than I'd expected, about 40-50 people. Given the zero publicity this isn't bad. Two union-oriented banners and a couple of speakers from Spain or Portugal or somewhere - I wasn't really paying any attention.

    And some young people selling Socialist Worker - I had no idea they still existed. It's all getting a bit too like the early 1990s.