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Friday, 23 November 2012

Stormy Bristol

Wow did it piss down yesterday - I was out-and-about in it and it was great!

I slept up in the church tower on Wednesday night occasionally woken by huge gusts of wind ripping around it.  During the day when I finally got up and went for a ride the wind was even stronger.

I eventually gave up trying to cycle - over in Bedminster picking up a gas cylinder - as the wind was blowing me along faster than my brakes could slow me down.  Hmmm - really must tighten 'em up a bit.  I'd only walked a few yards when an industrial strength blast of wind came out of nowhere, ripped the roof of a nearby portacabin and blew the bits across the road into oncoming cars.  Waheey - just like being in a clip of wild weather on youtube!

Later I was in the Free Shop on Stokes Croft when the sky broke and sent a wall of water hurtling down onto the street.  It was great fun watching everyone run for cover until it started pouring through the ceiling.  Ooops - not so much fun, and then a sewage pipe overflowed trying to cope with the deluge.  Lovely.

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