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Friday, 16 November 2012

Facebook revolutionaries hit Bristol

I dunno about Facebook.  Given recent experiences with the cops (getting accused of being a domestic extremist, asked about the mobile phone burners and so on) I'm reluctant to join a facebook group called "global revolution Bristol" under my real name.

I have lots of different IDs for different purposes but it gets to be a pain managing them particularly using the library computers.  On my own computer Firefox's profile management makes it easy to have one set of accounts for the real me for applying for jobs and so on, one set of accounts for squatter blogging and other accounts for other reasons.

But without my laptop it's all a pain.  I tried setting up a Facebook account for this blog as "Soft Centre" but the code recognised this wasn't a real name so I ended up with a community / business account.  Which, weirdly, doesn't seem to let me use Facebook.  Or something.

Anyway, I've looked at Global Revolution Bristol under my real name at and it doesn't look like it amounts to much.  Mostly Spanish speakers - nothing wrong with that, well, not much - who've washed up in Bristol due to the economic crisis I think.

A. advises lifting a business address from Yellow Pages (no idea what this is though) and registering with Facebook with that although I dunno if this would work.  And you might have to pretend to know about plumbing or something.

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