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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Anarcho religious meeting confusion

7.30pm 26 November at Kebele they're holding a discussion night on anarchism and religion - at least according to Bristol Indymedia.  I'd definitely avoid any discussion about that on the internets so won't be going on the night.

Anarchy means "without government" although to a lot of people it means neglecting personal hygiene, eating beans and generally being a bit loud in public places, all while wearing a balaclava of course.  Religion can mean any old toss you want.  Both are dull as flip things to talk about but attract the monomaniac mentalists like squats attract rats.

Curiously the night doesn't appear on Kebele's website which advertises a pagan family group (hippy women and their screaming brats) during the day and a Climate Rush meeting in the evening.   Could this be another Bristol Indymedia hoax?

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