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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Brrrrr - Spent my first night in my bender in the first frost of the year

I thought it was a bit chilly but was still surprised to wake up and find it was all icy outside.  Anyway I did manage to get some decent sleep in my bender.  Just as well it was clear and cold really as I don't think it's rainproof yet and I'd rather be cold than wet.

I'm liking the whole bender concept, it feels really huge inside and I can see how the whole thing could work.  Gotta improve it with more tarps and get heating and cooking sorted.  Also some way to secure the site without having to climb the sodding ten foot fence to get in and out.

Anyway there's lots of room so if you or anyone you know needs a place and is fit and together enough to keep a bender site have a think about it and maybe get in touch.

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