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Friday, 2 November 2012

Finally I get a wash - what could possibly go wrong?

It's been a week-and-a-half since I last had a wash and boy am I starting to hum.  Not as bad as P's knock out socks of course - they nearly had to evacuate Southmead police station when he took his shoes off.  So finally I'm round at a friend's last night and get a bath.

Said friend squatted off and on during the 1990s and early 2000s and has clearly decided to express his ongoing commitment to the rough-and-ready lifestyle by having no soap or towels in his flat.

Doh!  It was nice to splash around in a tub full of hot water of course and some of the dirt was washing off but really I needed soap to shift the sweaty, greasy feel.  No soap! 

But in a stroke of genius I cracked the problem.  You know how if you've got no shaving foam or gel you can make a decent lather out of soap and shave with that - shaving foam is really just soap in a can loaded up with some gassy stuff, right?  I managed to scrub myself down with the shaving foam and clear off some more dirt.

Then I had to towel myself down with a hoodie.  Weird how a piece of cloth which will suck up even a passing drop of rain somehow resists working as a towel.  Anyway, I managed to get myself a bit dry before putting my old dirty clothes back on.

I was my fault mostly, I've got soap and a towel but I'd left it in a bag in the church I crashed in the night before and was too lazy to pick up and drag over to Redcliffe.  Anyway, later on today I'm going to get all my tat over to my friend's place and sort it all out a bit.  Sorry toy bears and cows but you might have to be shoved into a box and stored for a bit.

Although I think the toys might prefer it, they've all got a bit shaken up what with being searched by the police as suspected domestic extremists.

Oh - a bit of news I don't think I've mentioned on the other posts is the police have indicated they're moving back from describing us all as domestic extremists.  The relevance is being 'domestic extremists' enabled them to seize our mobiles while if they just call us arseholes they couldn't.  Or something.

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