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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Grinding along

With no base, rain, possessions everywhere, no where to wash clothes, people meeting here and there to pass on info, rain, no blanket last night, finding food, no pushbike, wind and rain it's all a bit of a grind at the moment.

Future readers will, of course, know how all this turns out.  At the moment I'm in the middle of it and not knowing where it's heading.

Tonight I'll be staying with a friend so will at least get a wash and have a warm, dry and safe place to kip.  After washing I'll have to put my smelly clothes back on though.  Sigh.

Rumour is on Tuesday police visited both the places various members of our crew have been staying, one group of police openly armed with revolvers.  None of us know what to make of it so we're ignoring it.  The other day I was asleep and mistakenly thought I heard someone shouting "Police!  Police!" and nearly shat myself.

Our solicitor is pushing the police to get our phones and computers back but no news about our other stuff.  I know it sounds trivial but without my bike and torch I can't go skipping so much and that's where I get food from.

I'm sure it'll all sort itself out in time.  Pretty much we just need to get a decent squat cracked that'll last past Christmas.  Otherwise I guess I'll end up good at this living on the streets business.

On the bright side after years of drinking heavily with no money I'm drinking almost nothing - I can practically feel my liver re-growing.

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