good for bristol

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Various random bits and bobs.

I helped clean up a room at the back of the Free Shop.  The bottles of vintage urine and dog poo - at least I hope that was dog poo - are now gone.  Unfortunately they -and the rest of the rubbish - have gone into "the pit of despair", the steps down to the back of the Emporium.  That's gotta be cleared at some point.

Posh's giant house / bender thing is off to Yorkley Court tomorrow, apparently.  I wonder if the Yorkley Court lot know quite what they're getting?  There's a quarter mile of mud to drive through to get to the main Yorkley site.  No doubt it'll all go smoothly.

Which reminds me I still haven't got a camera that can take photos to post up here.  I've been lent a camera-phone but it needs bluetooth to download the piccies and no-one can get it to work.  Bah!  Maybe when I get my laptop back from the police I'll be able to sort it.

Oh, and I've got clean clothes to wear at last.  And the big news - I found a bike!  Dumped out of site on a bit of bushy, sloping ground outside the Bristol Royal Infirmary.  The back wheel was jammed into the frame - the axel nuts were loose - but it didn't take much fixing.  It feels so good to have a bike to ride again - yay!

It's a fascinating bike too, a late 1980s / early 1990s British-made mountain bike from the look of it.  A Richmond "Free Spirit".  I've got a feeling it's probably been nicked at some point in its history so if it's yours let me know and you can have it back.  18 gears, indexed changers, black and green design, wheel nuts (no quick release), uphill bars, generally good condition and two large "" stickers on the frame.


  1. Well, take some photos anyway. The Bluetooth dongle might have un-knackered itsself, and we didn't try it on the big gas-guzzling computer.


  2. Oh - I saw loads of things worth photographing today but didn't think to try on the off chance. Two coconuts, a broken boat paddle, some old trainers, er... sigh - my exciting life.