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Monday, 4 February 2013

"Version Control" at the Arnolfini really poor

I went along to the launch of Version Control last Saturday. It's the main exhibition in the Arnolfini until 14 April. Even by the Arnolfini's low standards it's rubbish.

Here's what the programme promises:
"Version Control is a large-scale survey exhibition about the notion of appropriation and performance in the expanded field of contemporary artistic practice. Instead of an understanding of performance as a live activity or connected to an exploration of the artist's body, the exhibition explores performance in a radical sense as a method of making the past present. Performativity, in this way, explores the conscious moment of staging, appropriating, archiving and re-visiting images and other forms of representation, touching on questions of historiography, mediation, subjectivity, and ownership.
Yadda yadda yadda so much for the meaningless waffle - it's all TL::DR.

The Arnolfini website doesn't include the full programme so I'll have to grab a fresh copy and briefly go through some of the bits of art later.

Mayoral stalkers may like to note George Ferguson attended the opening. These kind of events might be good places to catch up with him in future.

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