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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bike Thief gets bike stolen!

You'd have thought someone who steals bikes would use a decent lock themselves.

Last Friday a friend's bike got nicked.  He was fuming and extremely inconvenienced, now having to walk for hours every day.

Walking around town on Sunday we spotted it -  a black Barracuda with rust on the handlebars and a saddle repaired with black tape - "THAT'S MY BIKE!!!" went the cry.

My friend was all prepared to wait around until the thief appeared and recover his bike in no uncertain terms but I noticed the bike was only locked up with a combination lock.  And they're easy to pick - with just a few minutes fiddling I had it open and off we walked with the bike.

And HA!  The thief will have returned to where he locked it and had the "Oh nooes, my bike's been nicked" feeling himself.


  1. hope you make some more posts soon + hope all is well

  2. its bit totally out of theme,but think u have to see this~

  3. Yay - pictures of me.

    Apparently I was all over the Daily Mail too.