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Monday, 4 February 2013

Congrats to the Free Party crew for last Saturday

I last went to a free party in Feeder Road about 20 years ago. It all seems a lot cleaner and less druggy nowadays.

The venue was a vast modern warehouse at the Netham end of Feeder Road. I dunno if lots of people got lost on the way or decided to stay in and watch telly but not may people turned up. A shame - they missed out, I think.

The huge concrete, breeze-block and metal space bounced the music around giving the fairly small sound system a harsh, buzzing depth I really liked. Just a shame the big, empty space was so cold - even everyone dancing kept their outdoor clothes on. And boy did I wish I'd bought a cushion along to sit on - I'm too old to be comfy sitting on cold, hard stone.

The music started out as the kind of techno / rave stuff a generation's been raised on but quality stuff. Then it got a bit dubby and finally for me - by now it was six in the morning - came the rattling drum & bass that's never been my cup of tea. I wandered off into the morning but I'd guess it carried on further into Sunday.

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