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Friday, 1 February 2013

Relief as Free Shop heading for eviction

The Free Shop on Stokes Croft received court papers today for a possession hearing on the 14th February.  The place is such a disaster it'll be a relief all round.

Teeming with rowing junkies most nights it's hardly surprising the shop - hardly in tip-top condition in the first place - is now a derelict wreck stuffed with mountains of rotting rubbish.  With the toilet deliberately broken by a wreckhead the building's had no water for the last few days.  The place is a nightmare fire hazard.  Any good stuff donated to the shop is immediately stolen by junkies.  Best closed.

Could have worked out but the people running it allowed druggies and mad people to move in and after that it was doomed.


  1. I should point out, for clarification, that the court date is 12th Feb, 2.00pm at Bristol civil courts. The possession papers are legally spot on, couldn't even see a technical defence for them to go for adjourment. So my take is for them to expect possession forthwith.

    The possession papers say the building has been sold subject to vacant possession, a longstand date of May has been given for that. Maggs and Allen the estate agents in charge of the sale, who have been quite very reasonable in the circumstance, would i imagine want the contract finalised as soon as, I'd also imagine they've learnt lessons from the previous eviction and will take appropriate security measures.

    Although I in no way condone or endorse the behaviour of the residents upstairs I do hope the Freeshop as an enterprise can find another location to work out from, and those that run it have learnt lessons in who to bring on board with community minded projects in future as it is a resource that is increasingly more valuable to more people.

  2. Oh - my bad for getting the date wrong. 12 February it is. My money's on the eviction happening at least a fortnight after the court date.