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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Rough sleepers in Bristol

It's starting to warm up and so far everyone I know has survived the cold weather. Although "Spitting" Robbie was found unconcious in the street and taken to hospital with a core body temperature of 31 degrees.

Robbie has apparently recovered and is now getting some support which might help him get into appropriate housing.  I don't know exactly why he got hypothermia but given how cold it was some nights I'm surprised more people didn't.  Or maybe that's why the Goose has been a bit empty of late.

I've been hanging around with a fair few rough sleepers over the last few months.  Most drink very little or not at all and are not using drugs although mental illness is very common.

I see a lot of people begging but don't recognise any of them from the soup runs, Goose or nightshelter.  Some of the beggars - like the Stokes Croft crew - are simply too incapacitated and confused to make it to any facilities.  Others, particularly up on Park Street in Clifton, maybe have other options.

Meanwhile a few more people are using the woods along the Avon Gorge.  Hopefully it won't all get too crowded.

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  1. Looks like gangsters are coming back in style too...

    *Mr Hollier explained that when arrested McCaughey claimed there was some provocation on Mr Lawrence's part, in that he had a machete and was being "belligerent"*