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Monday, 4 August 2014

Gaza Demo at the BBC Whiteladies Road

For about a week people have been camping outside the BBC building on Whiteladies Road, Bristol protesting about a perceived bias in coverage of the current conflict in the Gaza Strip and Israel. Today they're in court with the BBC trying to evict the protestors.

Banners outside the BBC:

Protestors outside the Civil Court in Redcliffe:

I tend to avoid getting involved in Israel / Palestine discussions and in general every political group accuses the BBC of bias against them. On this occasion though I think the protestors have a point. In particular the complete absence of Hamas and Fatah from the BBC coverage is remarkable. Both are democratically elected representatives of the Palestinian people.

Medialens - an organisation whose neutrality I trust - has covered the issue of the BBC's reporting here: 'Disgustingly Biased' - The Corporate Media On The Gaza Massacre.

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