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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

When cats attack!

Squat cat flew across the room like a cannonball of whirling claws and teeth and wrapped herself around the dog's face in an instant kill frenzy.  The aged collie retreated as the cat tried to simultaneous gouge out its eyes, bite off its face and disembowel it with powerful rakes of its rear claws.

When we took Brags Lane we found a cat living in the yard.  She was reserved with us at first but we soon won her round with skipped bacon and fish.  Her belly began to grow and we realised kittens were on their way.

They arrived a couple of weeks ago and they're soooooo cute.  A couple of people popped round for a brief visit bringing a dog with them.  And of course, they wanted to take a look at the kittens.  Everybody has to take a look at the kittens whether they want to or not.  The idea was the dog would stay downstairs but it foolishly snuck up and stuck its nose round the door.  Bad idea, dog.

Much happier cat when no dogs are around

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  1. Mind you, why anyone would want to take a shitting machine on legs like a dog with them everywhere they go I have no idea. They must be hippies or something.