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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Evolve gills or drown trying!

Rain, rain, rain, rain and rain with more rain forecast.  Probably time to wave goodbye to places like Keynsham out on the Avon flood plain but hey, as long as the rail line to Bath stays above the water level who'll notice?  Meanwhile my bender out in the woods is coping surprisingly well.

I put the bender up in Leigh Woods about ten days ago and it's rained pretty much since apart from the first few days when everything was frozen.  With four layers of canvas over the sleeping area it's been ok at least as far as sleeping goes.

I can't get much heat out of the woodburner and what heat it does throw out doesn't last long.  Gotta line the place with cardboard but how to shift it on-site without it getting all soggy?

It's a great site I've got although I'm starting to feel the disadvantages of having a home I have to rope in and out of.  Still, at least I won't be getting woken up by a police raid in this place any time soon.  People are welcome to visit but contact me first and you'll need to be able to cope with mud, have a good head for heights and able to cope with a bit of rough climbing.  Ability to dodge falling rocks an advantage.

BHAM really does have a six person aluminum boat available, by the way.  Here's hoping for a long, hot, dry summer and we can all pile into the boat and go messing about on the river!

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